Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Well here it is!! My submission for WEEK 6 of the MFT Idol Contest! vote for me This week we had to make a ONE LAYER card!!! GASP!!! Oh sure, you might think that would make it easier...HA!! Trying to make a one layer card that is Idol worthy is probably the hardest challenge YET! lol!

I had many ideas in mind for this and even tried a few but finally settled on this one last night! Well...sort of! I actually settled on a version of this one last night but then this morning, vote for me I second guessed myself, tried to 'fix' it up a bit and completely RUINED it!! I had to start all over but I think I might like this one better! After the voting I'll photgraph and post the 'mistake' so you can all see how I completely blew it!! You see...that's the problem with one layer cards...NO ROOM FOR ERROR!!!!!!

So... I decided to go with Meet Me At The Cafe as I think this might be one of my all time fave MFT WTG's...this and Time For The Bubbly but I think we saw enough of that one in the first two rounds! I used my Scor-Pal to create the Brick Wall and then used chalks to color it! On my original I painted the bricks with an aquapainter and re-inker but it was very bold and kind of over took the card so I went for a softer look on card #2! vote for me I used Build A Bouquet to create the Topiary outside of the restaurant...an idea I had for the Masking Idol Challenge, it is also an addition to Card #2 that wasn't on Card #1! The ladies outfits are colored with SU! Markers as I do not yet have very many Copics and I wanted their outfits to be bright! I added my glitter pen to a few things to give it a little sparkle!vote for me The tag is fairly simple but I think it adds a lot! It is hanging from the ribbon.

I think that's just about it for the details but I'd be happy to answer any questions you may have!
The voting starts tonight at 10PM EST in the MFT Forum! Just look for the Week Six Poll and remember that you can choose more than one idol but you can only vote once!! (check off as many as you like)! I would love it if you would vote for me, of course, and I'll even consider sending out bribes!! ;)

Thanks for stopping in for a little Stamps 'n' Coffee! Oh ya...and vote for me!!


  1. Oh my goodness, Joycelyn!! It is really hard to believe this is all ONE layer!!

  2. Wow!! This is GORGEOUS! I didn't even notice that it was one layer...I was so struck by your "brick work"! Amazing!! Congrats on making it so far!


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