Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Well, as I promised in my last post, here is my 'OOPS' from the MFT Idol contest! I decided at the last minute to make a 'window' with crystal effects! I thought if I was careful it wouldn't smudge the ink...apparently I wasn't careful enough...and then all these little black dots started showing up...whaddupwiddat?!?! Not only that...all the CE was making the card warp...I forgot to take into consideration that this was only ONE LAYER of cardstock!! lol!! While making my 2nd card, I decided that the bricks on the first one were a little 'too much', but now that I look at it again I like them!! I don't know...what do you guys think? I am, however, very glad that I added the topiary in the 2nd one, definitely made it more dynamic! So there you go! A very hard lesson in what happens when you second guess yourself! You really can't see it in the photo but the bricks are scored just like in the 2nd one and there really is 'glass' on the window!!

I am very happy to announce that I made it into the Top Five of the Idol Contest but it's bittersweet as Kerry 'went home' tonight!! LOVE that girl... her talent is awe-inspiring!! It has been amazing staying in the running with the likes of all the other Idols!! What an incredible group of talented ladies! So a huge THANK-YOU to all those who have been voting for me...I'm so very, very grateful!! Also, THANK-YOU to Kim and the rest of the MFT Team for hosting the contest! I understand the kind of time and dedication it takes to keep up with something like this and may I also add that the MFT FORUM totally ROCKS!! Love, love, love all the different challenges and tutorials!!


  1. Too stinkin funny, that ink went CRAZY on you...I LOVED the hand or WHAT??? WOWZERS!!!! Well, you are on to another week...Wonder what's in store for you THIS week! LOL

    You crack me up Joycelyn

  2. tooo funny, now after the fact, I know, NOT funny at the time. Glad you were able to whip out another one and it was fabulous. Congrats on movin' on! Good luck!


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